Welcome to my ramblings!

Welcome to my ramblings!

My current hobbies, filtered thoughts and ideas will find their way onto this blog in my commuting time! Not much else one can do on a barely rolling train carriage as it noisily judders and sways to and from the city!

In my many ponderings, I have created Key Stage 2 Maths work based on Minecraft, and shared these on a Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/minecraft.maths/ I will try and put them on here somehow, should anyone’s kids be struggling to grasp maths.

As well as this blog I have another I started called astold which has a few posts on there from when my varying interests were focusing on history and family history. I was hoping to create a blog where others could add stories that if not “told” would fade as time went on.

Currently I am volunteering at Code club https://www.codeclub.org.uk, and this is good fun. These kids get to learn Scratch, Python, HTML & CSS. And now, one of the clubbers at the code club I volunteer at has completed all areas available, so now I am showing him C#, he has installed Visual Studio Community Edition on his laptop and now showing him what you can do. So far we have made a web browser that he now wants to add a “recent sites” screen to like on Chrome!

These kids are the future of software development, imagine what they are capable of bearing in mind we had dial-up and floppy disks at their age!!

Well hope to create more ramblings soon!!