Tech Addict?

Are you a tech addict? Have you checked your phone in the last 10 minute? You have? How about the last 3 minutes?? I bet you have! I certainly have! I find it crazy how I can check my phone for new emails or texts, with the time on the unlock screen and on the home screen yet still need to check again if asked the time!!

I would love to be able to trial new hardware as it comes out! But generally I buy things after a year or two as they are too damned expensive!! Eventually I would like to get an android smart watch, it would help me check only my watch for the time or messages etc! So one day I hope to get hold of a good Android Smart Watch! But then again, no doubt I would need to check twice because of not noticing the time!!

A friend of mine from school, who plays drums in the band Turrentine Jones worse the Google glasses at Glastonbury to give you the chance to see what playing one of their set looks like from the drummers eyes! It gives you almost a feeling of being there, and now with 360° cameras being able to record videos where you can choose where to look is amazing!!

I would love to learn more about wearable technology. And how computers can “see” using lasers and/or cameras. I suppose this will be something to do in retirement in 40 years time!!

I wonder if a Google glasses type device that also tracks your pupils to get a rough idea where you are looking could one day all fit into a wearable tech that combines Siri or Google assistant, GPS, and a heads up display (HUD) type UI.

So for example looking at a cross roads when out walking or cycling, you wonder what’s the best route to your destination or need turn by turn navigation, if the HUD could augment a directional arrow over your vision. Would our brains cope with that? Would it increase our brain power or make us dumber?

Be interesting to find out!!