As far as technology has come in the 27 years I have been aware of (I’ve been alive longer obviously, but the fact I was most likely around 7 years old when we used a BBC  Computer in Primary school) to present day where BBC have a new computer out (A BBC Micro Bit) it seems as though only in our wildest dreams will we get a glimpse of what could be!

Facebook founder is trying to get people to buy a Virtual Reality System now for $199, no need for a smart phone or PC! What could possibly be next?

What ever the future holds, it will be our children that bring it into fruition!

A friend of mine once had an idea that he called ‘Project Brainsaver’ where you could just talk to your mobile phone like a person, and it would arrange meetings, send messages or research information for you.

Back when he first had the idea, this might as well be Picard talking to the ships computer, but with IOS Siri and Windows Cortana and Google, this seems so close!

His main idea would be to talk to the system as follows…

“Remind me when I get home to put the Chicken in the oven as it is Tonys birthday. Text Tony and wish him Happy birthday. What potato dish best suits chicken?”

From this the system would extract a reminder to put chicken in the oven when the user got home. To text Tony happy birthday. And search the internet for the best potato dish to serve with chicken.

Cortana and Siri can now remind you from voice commands, but still the technology cannot extract all of these commands from what was spoken. But…. sure enough, our children will most likely be able to do this!