Wet vs Dry

It sounds like a choice when leaving the hairdresser, but what it actually means is….

  • WET (Write Everything Twice)
  • DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)

WET programmers write the same code over and over again, sometimes the only difference is a spelling mistake or the rare comment! The best option is optional parameters, I find almost an enjoyment in creating reusable code!

DRY coding… I created reusable JavaScript libraries and helper classes and deploy via Nuget onsite and this is awesome, in future all projects will use only one base code library! It is a forever growing project, but will hopefully mean no more WET coding!

And thanks to NUGET we know what version is installed along with all the minimum JavaScript library files we along with my SQL Helper, DataTableHelper and DataHelper.

I have my own version on NUGET I may set public again. I created the SQL Helper areas before starting my current position, and introduced my ideas to the team.

The one I use at work I add NUGET packages to it as we find ones we really like, also eventually I will add a blog on here with my favourite NUGET packages!

Just remember, don’t repeat yourself, or if you do, it’s time to make a library yourself.