Minecraft Maths

One of my many random ideas that did help at least one child that I know of to grasp maths. A friend of mine and I were talking one day when she mentioned that her son struggled with maths. Being my usual overactive thinking, I asked what his interests were, and as you can imagine, Minecraft was high on the list!

I went and searched the internet for what key stage 2 Maths expected, and from a few old exam papers and other sites, I created a few Minecraft style questions.

I gave them to my friend and she s at with her son, and he managed to be able to concentrate and do the maths, so in the same way a child has to hand in homework at school, she brought me in his completed sheets and I marked them and sent them back.

He seemed to grasp maths a lot easier, and it proved that sometimes all anyone needs is a question asked in a different way!

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